Console dual flow monosplit & multisplit

Console with 2 air outlet ways

Its benefits

  • “I Feel” function with precise room temperature control.
  • Airflow direction control, up or down for comfort selection.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Ideal solution for replacement of electric heaters: best comfort and save money.
Easy to install product
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  • Characteristics products
  • DC Inverter DC Inverter
    Air filter Air filter
    I Feel I Feel
    Programmable timer Programmable timer
    Dry contact on/off Dry contact on/off
    Unités intérieuresAWSI-XBD012-N11
    Unités extérieures 1
    ~230V - 50Hz
    Unités extérieures 3
    ~400V - 50Hz - N
    Rated capacitykw3.5 (0.8-3.8)
    SEER / Energy label6.1 / A++
    Operating limits°C-20°/50° Dry bulb
    Rated capacitykW3.8 (0.4-4.3)
    SCOP (average climate) / Energy label (average climate)4.0 / A+
    Operating limits°C-20°/24° Dry bulb
    Indoor unit
    Sound pressure level to 1 m (LS/MS/HS/SS)dB(A)35/41/43
    Outline Dimensions (WxHxD)mm700x600x210
    Net Weightkg14.8
    Energy labelSee the label
    Outdoor unit
    Sound pressure level to 1 m (LS/MS/HS/SS)dB(A)56
    Outline Dimensions (WxHxD)mm800x554x333
    Net Weightkg29.9
    Code 1~230V - 50 Hz 7SP062970
    Code 3~400V - 50 Hz
    Energy labelSee the label
    Power supply sideOutdoor
    Power cable sectionmm²3x1.5
    Fuse rating am A16
    Electrical connectionsmm²4x1.0
    Liaison frigorifique
    Suction pipe diameterinches3/8”
    Liquid pipe diameterinches1/4”
    Max lengthm25
    Max heightm10
    Refrigerant / GWPR410A/2088
    Charge (5 m)kg1.05
    Additional chargeg/m
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  • Accessories and options
  • Wireless controller RC08C

    Wireless controller RC08C

    Réf. : 7ACEL1740

    Appareils : HRD/DID

    Timer, eco mode, “Follow me” option, swing, technician mode.

    Wired single control RCW8

    Wired single control RCW8

    Réf. : 7ACEL1706

    Appareils : HKD/CCD/XBD/FCD

    Mode, fan speed, timer ON/OFF, temperature and swing.
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