Ducted high static pressure monosplit

Designed for large premises

Its benefits

  • RCW18 remote control included
  • High statique pressure
  • Integrated condensate pump
  • Fresh air supply possible
  • Light commercial application
  • Fresh air supply possible
  • Fresh air supply possible with set option

The + "sustainable development":

  • Energy savings. thanks to the power modulation

The + "user":

  • Invisible: blends into all types of interiors

The + "installer":

  • Suitable for long duct lengths (250 Pa)

The + "technology":

  • Electronic expansion valve
  • DC Inverter solution
  • Characteristics products
  • R410A fluid R410A fluid
    DC Inverter DC Inverter
    Electronic expansion valve Electronic expansion valve
    Air filter Air filter
    I Feel I Feel
    Night mode Night mode
    Programmable timer Programmable timer
    Auto Restart (Memory) Auto Restart (Memory)
    Error code via indoor unit Error code via indoor unit
    Self diagnostic Self diagnostic
    Integrated water pump Integrated water pump
    Unités intérieuresAW-DDB085-N11AW-DDB102-N11AW-DDB136-N13AW-DDM060-N91
    Unités extérieures 1
    ~230V - 50Hz
    Unités extérieures 3
    ~400V - 50Hz - N
    Rated capacitykw20253040
    SEER / Energy label / / / /
    Operating limits°C-7°/48° Dry bulb-7°/48° Dry bulb-7°/48° Dry bulb-7°/48° Dry bulb
    Rated capacitykW2227.53343
    SCOP (average climate) / Energy label (average climate) / / / /
    Operating limits°C-15°/24° Dry bulb-15°/24° Dry bulb-15°/24° Dry bulb-15°/24° Dry bulb
    Indoor unit
    Sound power level (LS/MS/HS/SS)dB(A)61626465
    Airflow (LS/MS/HS/SS)m³/h3700420052007000
    Energy label
    Outdoor unit
    Sound power level (LS/MS/HS/SS)m³/h72737572
    Outline Dimensions (WxHxD)mm940x1430x320940x1615x460940x1615x460940x1430x320 x2
    Net Weightkg120/130146/162175/190120/130 x2
    Code 1~230V - 50 Hz
    Code 3~400V - 50 Hz
    Energy label
    Power supply sideIndoor & OutdoorIndoor & OutdoorIndoor & OutdoorIndoor & Outdoor
    Power cable sectionmm²3x1.5 + 5x2.53x1.5 + 5x2.53x1.5 + 5x45x1.5 + (5x2.5)x2
    Fuse rating am A10 + 2010 + 2510 + 3210 + 20x2
    Electrical connectionsmm²2x12x12x12x1
    Liaison frigorifique
    Suction pipe diameterinches3/4”7/8”1”3/4” x2
    Liquid pipe diameterinches3/8”3/8”1/2”3/8” x2
    Max lengthm70707070
    Max heightm30303030
    Refrigerant / GWPR410A/2088R410A/2088R410A/2088R410A/2088
    Charge (5 m)kg6.489.56.4 x2
    Additional chargeg/m606012060
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Ducted high static pressure monosplit

Ducted high static pressure monosplit

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