Floor ceiling

Solution fixed speed dédiée aux salles informatique

Its benefits

  • Floor ceiling with digital display (mode, temperature...).
  • Cooling operation mode (except SXT12 witch is cooling and heating operation mode).
  • Photocatalytic antibacterial prefilter.
  • Comfort «I Feel»: temperature sensor in RC08B remote control.
  • Safety components: low and high pressure switches, all season control (speed controller).
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  • I Feel I Feel
    Alarm output Alarm output
    Unités intérieuresAWSI-SXT012-N11AWSI-SXT018-N11AWSI-SXT030-N11
    Unités extérieures 1
    ~230V - 50Hz
    AWAU-YOFT012-H11 AWAU-YHF018-H11
    Unités extérieures 3
    ~400V - 50Hz - N
    Rated capacitykw3.55.28.3
    SEER / Energy label2.9 / C3.2 / E3.4 / E
    Operating limits°C-10°/50° Dry Bulb-10°/50° Dry Bulb-10°/50° Dry Bulb
    Rated capacitykW
    SCOP (average climate) / Energy label (average climate) / / /
    Operating limits°C
    Indoor unit
    Sound pressure level to 1 m (LS/MS/HS/SS)dB(A)41/46/5241/46/5245/49/54
    Outline Dimensions (WxHxD)mm1068x675x2351068x675x2351285x675x235
    Net Weightkg232429
    Energy label
    Outdoor unit
    Sound pressure level to 1 m (LS/MS/HS/SS)dB(A)556061
    Outline Dimensions (WxHxD)mm780x540x250900x700x340900x860x340
    Net Weightkg28/3050/5378/82
    Code 1~230V - 50 Hz 7SP062918 7SP061924
    Code 3~400V - 50 Hz 7SP061925
    Energy label
    Power supply sideIndoorIndoor & OutdoorOutdoor
    Power cable sectionmm²3x1.55x2.55x2.5
    Fuse rating am A16163x16
    Electrical connectionsmm²3x1.5 + 2x1.0 + 2x0.54x2.5 + 5x2.55x1.5 + 2x0.5
    Liaison frigorifique
    Suction pipe diameterinches1/2”1/2”5/8”
    Liquid pipe diameterinches1/4”1/4”3/8”
    Max lengthm201530
    Max heightm10715
    Refrigerant / GWPR410AR410AR410A
    Charge (5 m)kg
    Additional chargeg/m
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  • Accessories and options
  • Wired single control RCW8

    Wired single control RCW8

    Réf. : 7ACEL1706

    Appareils : HKD/CCD/XBD/FCD

    Mode, fan speed, timer ON/OFF, temperature and swing.
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