Multisplit duo

Multisplit up to 5 outlets - R32 refrigerant fluid

Its benefits

  • Flexy Match (compatible with a large part of the range)
  • Total length of tubes up to 80 m
  • High power compared with market average
  • Electronic expansion valve

The + "sustainable development":

  • High energy class A++ (cooling mode)/A+ (heating mode)
  • Energy savings (heating mode only. setpoint limits)

The + "user":

  • A large choice of indoor units
  • Small footprint with a single outdoor unit

The + "installer":

  • Scalable and flexible installation
  • Long piping

The + "technology":

  • High corrosion resistance with the Golden Fin
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Characteristics products
  • Hybrid House compatible Hybrid House compatible
    R32 fluid R32 fluid
    DC Inverter DC Inverter
    Electronic expansion valve Electronic expansion valve
    Golden fin treatment Golden fin treatment
    Self diagnostic Self diagnostic
    Unités intérieuresAW-YDZC218-H91AW-YDZC327-H91AW-YDZC436-H91AW-YDZC542-H91
    Unités extérieures 1
    ~230V - 50Hz
    Unités extérieures 3
    ~400V - 50Hz - N
    Rated capacitykw5.27 (1.13-5.56)7.91 (2.16-8.49)10.55 (3.64-12.31)12.31 (2.98-12.60)
    SEER / Energy label6.1/A++ / A++6.2/A++ / A++6.3/A++ / A++6.2/A++ / A++
    Operating limits°C-15°/50° Dry bulb-15°/50° Dry bulb-15°/50° Dry bulb-15°/50° Dry bulb
    Rated capacitykW5.57 (1.79-5.86)8.21 (2.04-9.37)10.84 (2.85-12.02)12.30 (2.75-12.60)
    SCOP (average climate) / Energy label (average climate)4/A+ / A+3.8/A / A4/A+ / A+3.6/A / A
    Operating limits°C-15°/24° Dry bulb-15°/24° Dry bulb-15°/24° Dry bulb-15°/24° Dry bulb
    Indoor unit
    Sound power level (LS/MS/HS/SS)dB(A)
    Airflow (LS/MS/HS/SS)m³/h
    Energy label
    Outdoor unit
    Sound power level (LS/MS/HS/SS)m³/h63656769
    Outline Dimensions (WxHxD)mm800x554x333845x702x363946x810x410946x810x410
    Net Weightkg35.5/38.551.5/55.868.8/75.673.3/80.4
    Code 1~230V - 50 Hz
    Code 3~400V - 50 Hz
    Energy labelSee the labelSee the labelSee the labelSee the label
    Power supply sideOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoor
    Power cable sectionmm²3x2.53x2.53x2.53x4
    Fuse rating am A20202532
    Electrical connectionsmm²2 x (4x1.5)3 x (4x1.5)4 x (4x1.5)5 x (4x1.5)
    Liaison frigorifique
    Suction pipe diameterinches2x3/8”3x3/8”3x3/8”+1x1/2”4x3/8”+1x1/2”
    Liquid pipe diameterinches2x1/4”3x1/4”4x1/4”5x1/4”
    Max lengthm40608080
    Max heightm15151515
    Refrigerant / GWPR32/675R32/675R32/675R32/675
    Charge (5 m)kg1.251.722.12.4
    Additional chargeg/m12121212
    Actions Request a quote Request a quote Request a quote Request a quote
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Multisplit duo

Multisplit duo

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