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20 November 2019
The new Airwell universe: ENR and connectivity

This new offer, oriented towards connectivity and responsible comfort, allows Airwell to address the end consumer in search of packaged solutions that he can control in terms of costs. Whether new or renovated, Airwell offers to configure its house according to its “vision of comfort”. Airwell products can be adapted to different needs, depending on the budget, the desired design, thermal or acoustic comfort. Airwell meets this challenge with its hybrid home solution combining the 2 pillars of its strategy, namely connectivity

, with its AirHome application as a first step. Today, it is essential to control the equipment in your home, to be aware of your energy consumption and to be able to adapt it according to your wishes. This is why Airwell allows its customers, via its dedicated AirHome application, to control all the equipments in their home.


In a second step, Airwell also meets the growing need for energy with its ENR offer combining comfort and energy efficiency while preserving the environment. This offer allows you to control your heating and air conditioning equipment with Photovoltaic Panels, available in the brand’s new ENR Kit.

Airwell has built its strategy around the needs of the consumer 3.0:

  • Control of its expenses thanks to the knowledge of its consumption.
  • Preserve the planet by installing adapted and communicating equipment.
  • Well-being, Energy saving, Environmental control.

Airwell offers a global residential offer, allowing you to enter the virtuous circle of energy, with a range of products that are more environmentally friendly with R32 refrigerant. Indeed, the brand is constantly reinventing itself to be at the forefront of new needs and trends in the sector. The company can be proud of having successfully recaptured the market in which it is now positioning itself as a key player. Airwell is also enjoying growing success thanks in particular to a dynamic sales force, a sales policy focused mainly on distribution and partnership in order to optimize its network of distributors throughout France.

Find the video of the AirHome application on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ObRPt5wG-o

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