How to choose your heat pump?

21 January 2021

There are different types of heat pumps with specific operating modes. In order to find the right heat pump for a particular home, certain criteria must be taken in consideration :

  • The type of dwelling: a new house and a poorly insulated house will not have the same selection criteria.
  • The need : water heating, heating, cooling.
  • The budget
  • The emitters: radiators, underfloor heating, fan coil units, ducts and air vents.

The different types of heat pump :

  • The aerothermal heat pump:

It consists of an outdoor unit in which a fan sucks in outside air to draw calories from it thanks to a thermodynamic system.

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  • The geothermal heat pump :

It is also composed of an outdoor unit, however it uses calories from the ground.

It can be used in different ways, either through the ground to heat a floor or through water to supply radiators.

  • The hydrothermal heat pump:

In this process, the calories are drawn from a water resource available in the property of the purchaser. To use a hydrothermal, administrative authorizations must first be requested to carry out the work.

Airwell heat pumps are reversible, allowing users to enjoy warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

Installation and maintenance :

For installation, it is mandatory to call a professional to ensure proper installation of the product. In addition, you can call him back for maintenance. Indeed, regular maintenance is mandatory in order to optimize the life expectancy of the product and its efficiency.

The WELLEA is about 4 times less energy consuming than a boiler. Thus, the more the customer uses it, the more he will save on his heating bill. Our Wellea heat pump uses 75% free renewable natural energy. The remaining 25% comes from electricity. In addition, the house is supplied with electricity from renewable sources, so the CO2 emissions from your heat pump are virtually zero.



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