Thermodynamic water heater

Domestic Hot Water production

Its benefits

  • Excellent COP
  • Small footprint
  • Anti-legionella function
  • No handling of refrigerant
  • Limescale protection

The + "sustainable development":

  • High energy class A+
  • High performance product with COP > 5
  • Product 3 to 4 times more economical than an electric tank

The + "user":

  • Perfect to replace an electric tank
  • “Peak/Off peak” operation

The + "installer":

  • Easy to install thanks to its compact footprint
  • Narrow gauge to fit through all doors
  • Integrated limescale protection (anode)

The + "technology":

  • No risk of contamination following a refrigerant leak, thanks to the external exchanger
  • Characteristics products
  • Keymark Certification Keymark Certification
    R134a Fluid R134a Fluid
    Domestic hot water Domestic hot water
    Unités intérieuresAW-TDF190-H31AW-TDF300-H31
    Unités extérieures 1
    ~230V - 50Hz
    Unités extérieures 3
    ~400V - 50Hz - N
    Rated capacitykw
    SEER / Energy label / /
    Operating limits°C
    Pdesignh (average climate)kW
    SCOP (average climate) / Energy label (average climate) / /
    Operating limits°C
    Indoor unit
    Sound pressure level to 1 m (LS/MS/HS/SS)dB(A)36,636,6
    Outline Dimensions (WxHxD)mm1830 x Ø 6101930 x Ø 700
    Net Weightkg92114
    Energy label
    Outdoor unit
    Sound pressure level to 1 m (LS/MS/HS/SS)dB(A)
    Outline Dimensions (WxHxD)mm
    Net Weightkg
    Code 1~230V - 50 Hz
    Code 3~400V - 50 Hz
    Energy labelSee the labelSee the label
    Power supply side
    Power cable sectionmm²
    Fuse rating am A33
    Electrical connectionsmm²
    Liaison frigorifique
    Suction pipe diameterinches
    Liquid pipe diameterinches
    Max lengthm
    Max heightm
    Refrigerant / GWPR134a/1430R134a/1430
    Charge (5 m)kg1.11.5
    Additional chargeg/m
    Actions Request a quote Request a quote
  • Accessories and options
  • Adaptation kit, 90° bend and 1m duct (TDF 190)

    Réf. : 7ACEL1735

    Appareils : TDF

    Adaptation kit, 90° bend and 1m duct

    Extention kit 1m duct (TDF 190)

    Réf. : 7ACEL1736

    Appareils : TDF

    Extention kit 1m duct
  • Technical documentation

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