Since January 2015, the regulation FGAS (EU 517/2014) is implemented.

Refrigerant fluid are man-made gases that can remain in the atmosphere for centuries and contribute to a global greenhouse effect. There are three types: hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6).

The F-Gas regulation’s goal initiated by the European commission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the EU by 80-95 % compared to levels in 1990.

 Energy label design


Rated power (Pdesign H/C) and SEER/SCOP test condition:

→ Each model is rated at rated power in cooling and heating:
For cooling: PdesignC.
For heating: PdesignH.

→ Each product must meet the climate requirement levels to which it belongs:
Average: minimum condition to fulfil.
Warmer: if the product is designed for warmer conditions.
Colder: if the product is designed for colder conditions.

→ Pdesign affects directly the SEER/SCOP level as there are few tests done in cooling and heating according to the climate category and adjusting the power for each test condition.

→ The below table shows the test conditions in cooling and heating, the ratio of the Pdesign in cooling and heating in a different climate category.



Airwell is part of an eco-environmental approach including a life cycle analysis of our products while building a Product Environmental Profile (PEP).

This life cycle analysis (LCA) allowed to inventory and quantify, all along the products lifecycle, the physical material and energy flow associated to human activities. All the lifecycle phasis have been taken into acount: raw materials, manufacturing, transport, distribution, usage, end of life and recycling.

The PEP fits the ISO 14025, 14040 and 14044 expectations. It allows to anticipate the regulatory obligations and forms part of the eco-conception approach which Airwell wants to follow.

Finally, building a POP allowed to calculate the environmental performance of some products.


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