The HDH Harmonia, an innovative air conditioning solution

22 September 2020

The HDH Harmonia from Airwell is an air conditioner with filtration systems and ionizer that provides excellent air quality by fighting indoor pollution.

Indoor air contains positively or negatively charged particles, these are the positive and negative ions. The negative ions are beneficial for our well-being they improve our mood, our tone and the quality of our sleep. They bring us serenity, lightness a contrario of the positive ions in the air which tend to give us a feeling of stress, tiredness, tension.

For example, in nature, the quality of the air we breathe is much better and this has excellent benefits for our emotional state.

Airwell created the HDH Harmonia solution, an air conditioner with filter system and ionizer. This system helps to reproduce these beneficial conditions inside our home.

  • The pre-filter allows to block dust, hair, pollen.
  • Catalytic and activated carbon filters absorb and destroy harmful gases and organic particles while eliminating odours.
  • The silver ion filter destroys bacteria, viruses and spores.
  • The ionizer is capable of generating negative ions to bring you comfort and well-being.

Bring clean air into your home with the Airwell Harmonia air conditioner.

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