The heat pump, opt for an ecological solution !

21 October 2020

Thanks to its process using renewable energy with low greenhouse gas emissions, the heat pump is a must for heating equipment.


Clean and renewable energy

The heat pump is supplied by the calories contained in the air (aerothermal) or the floor (geothermal) which constitute a free and inexhaustible energy thanks to the ecosystem. The outside environment thus allows you to heat your interior.


An optimal and economical process

The operation of the heat pump is valued, one kW will give 3 to 5 kW of heat in your home.

The purchase price varies according to the model. However, as part of the energy transition, the State offers various aids such as the energy bonus, the eco PTZ, the energy transition tax credit, subsidies from the ANAH, reduced VAT …

An ecological solution

The heat pump uses a renewable resource and thus contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Thus, it emits up to three to four times less CO2 than a conventional boiler.

Coupled with other systems producing renewable energy, you will reduce your ecological impact.


Financial aid

– In France: The State encourages investment in this type of heating by offering various financial incentives such as the Prime Renov’, the Prime Coup de pouce, the zero-interest Eco-loan and a reduced VAT rate.

– EU: The NER 300 program, ELENA, PDA H2020, horizon 2020.


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