Wellea monobloc, the new an ecological heat pump !

29 September 2020

Discover the most cost effective and ecological heating system Wellea monobloc for a home on the market. Wellea is positioned as a product that cares about the environment and your comfort with an ultra-quiet system. In addition, this reversible heat pump is an ideal solution for people who want to reduce their energy bills by enjoying pleasant warmth in the cold season and coolness in the hot season.

Clean and renewable energy

Wellea Monobloc is ideal for replacing an oil or gas boiler with an ecological system with a high energy class A+++.

A reversible and efficient solution

This solution ensures comfort all year round, with a guaranteed heating system up to -25 °C outside in winter and cooling up to 46 °C outside in summer.

Efficient for heating water to a temperature of 60 °C down to -10 °C outside.

Quick and easy installation

Wellea is compatible with all transmitters, which makes it suitable for all types of installations.

A use adapted to your needs

Available with different configurations, Wifi, dry contact and modBus (redundancy and cascade).

Allows for optimal control through programming according to the customer’s expectations.


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