How to replace an oil-fired boiler ?

28 January 2021

An oil-fired boiler consumes a lot of energy, which can result in high bills. This is one of the main reasons for switching from the boiler to the heat pump.

What type of pump is to be preferred?

There are two types of heat pump: aerothermal or geothermal.

  • An aerothermal heat pump recovers the calories present in the outside air to then heat an interior.

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  • A geothermal heat pump draws calories from the ground and transforms them into heat.

When the pump uses the calories from the earth, it requires more expensive and longer work than a pump using air.

This solution is also less expensive because it can produce an average of 3 kW with 1 kW of energy.

How to replace an oil-fired boiler?

The simplest way to replace a boiler remains the air-to-water heat pump, as it does not require any work and connects directly to the existing network. It is still necessary to make sure of the needs of the house such as insulation, environment and average consumption. These criteria will determine whether the heat pump will be efficient enough for the dwelling.

To carry out a total replacement of an oil-fired boiler, the output of the future heat pump must be checked according to the surface area of the house and certain other criteria such as needs, emitters and type of dwelling to ensure optimal thermal comfort.

See the article on how to choose your heat pump.

To know!

The cost of this new installation will depend on the size of the house, but also on the power of the pump.

Just like a boiler, a heat pump requires an annual maintenance visit, which allows it to remain efficient and extends its life.

Airwell heat pumps are reversible, allowing users to invest for the year. Indeed, they allow heating in cold periods and cooling in hot periods. For this it is necessary to have a heating/cooling floor or fan coil units.

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